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As the Fall Convention Season approaches, it's time to gear up for success with Power On Productions, your go-to partner for audiovisual rentals and labor in New Orleans. With the right equipment, your event can shine and captivate your audience. From top-notch projector and screen rentals for stunning visuals to customizable stage setups that command attention, Power On Productions has you covered. Ensure crystal-clear communication with wireless microphones and bridge the gap between physi...
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The New Orleans Jazz Fest is April 29 - May 7 this year. Are you planning an event?
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Boy, did I miss Mardi Gras during lockdown! Carnival season in New Orleans isn't reduced to a single day. Carnival season is generally a couple of weeks of parades but requires months of planning. As an audiovisual provider, we are tasked with insuring the music is loud with a lot of thump!
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