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AV Gumbo


Audio Visual that Won't Break the Budget

1.  Use 4:3 Aspect Ratio Video Projectors in Small Breakout Rooms

If you know you have several breakout rooms where there will be less than 30 attendees, opt for a tripod screen and a 4:3 ratio video projector.    Audio Visual companies are abandoning the technology which means their projectors are sitting on a shelf collecting dust.  Have the larger break out rooms equipped with 16:9 technology but ask the AV company if they will "throw in" the 4:3 video projector rentals for nothing. These rentals generally cost $200 per projector, per day to rent so you save money.  The AV company has long made its profit on the equipment and should be quite willing to work out a deal to get your business.

2.  Wireless Microphones Cost More

Wireless microphones are truly the best thing since sliced bread for a presenter.  It gives them mobility without tangling up on cords.  On those small areas where a wired microphone will work, opt for wired.  You'll save an estimated $100 per microphone!

3.  Use Powered Speakers for a PA System

When there's a need for only a microphone and speakers, opt for powered speakers.  Powered speakers have built-in amplifiers and have volume controls on the back of the speakers.  If you need only a PA system, save hundreds of dollars by using powered speakers.

4.  Audio Visual Technicians instead of Sound Engineers

Just because you have a mixing board and a higher-end sound or PA system does not mean you have to hire a sound engineer.  Ask your AV professional if he has staff who also double as audio technicians.  Every company has those few guys who know as much as any engineer.  You may end up saving thousands depending on how many days you require a technician.

5.  Technicians Who Double as CDL Drivers

When your event must travel and so must your AV company, ask your AV professionals to use technicians with CDL licenses for moving equipment from city to city.  The AV tech can work on your event when he arrives with the equipment which reduces your cost for paying a truck driver for layover time.


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