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Coronavirus and the Event Industry

Coronavirus and the Event Industry

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The obvious:  the event industry is directly dependent on travel.  How do you insure your attendees they are safe and keep down the cancellations:

1.  Signage - put out extra signage to direct attendees to the restrooms.  Have extra signage about hand washing located before and inside the restroom.

2.  Attendants - Hire restroom attendants whose sole job is to spray and wipe down door handles and surfaces in the restroom with disinfectant.

3.  Chair placement - give the attendees a little more space.

4.   Antibacterial - Have baskets and bins of antibacterial in and around the areas where attendees gather.  Don't be skimpy.

5.  Handshake Free - Create a handshake free environment by posting signage that read, "Protecting You is Important to Us."

Take the necessary steps to make attendees feel like their environment is protected and have a great event!

Power On Productions' staffing will no longer be shaking hands and will be equipped with antibacterial.  Please allow for the staff to frequently hand wash.

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