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Wireless Microphones in New Orleans

     It has happened to many an event planner in New Orleans who brings in the client's contract audiovisual company.  Unfamiliar with traffic on the Mississippi River, the sound engineer dials in the wireless microphones during rehearsal and everything looks good.  And the meeting begins.  Somewhere in the middle of the high point for the keynote speaker, it begins - river traffic stampede on the wireless system in the hotel.  How do you avoid it?

     Local sound technicians have made it their habit to have secondary placement of every channel for just such an event.  Most of them already know what frequencies and channels to avoid.  In Louisiana, even the Governor's office has now taken the 600 frequencies, so avoid those, too.

     If you are using a French Quarter hotel, you might need to know that just because you are using in-house AV does not mean you have sound engineers familiar enough to know.  Some of these large AV companies have a high frequency of turnover with their staff / employees.  It is best to ask questions on how seasoned your sound engineer is on traffic frequencies on the river.  It would be prudent to add a clause to your contract that states your client is not responsible for any fines that could incur if the AV company uses reserved frequencies.



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