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Maximize Cost Savings on Audio Visual

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Here are a couple tips for you when selecting an audio visual vendor in New Orleans that will surely save your budget.

1.  Make Sure the AV Company Owns Its Own Equipment

Eliminate third party booking companies who do not own equipment.  While these companies are handy because of their contracts with production companies across the U.S., they add their fees on top of the equipment rental and pass that along to you.  When you book audio visual rentals ask the company if they own their own equipment.  You are able to secure better deals with companies who can cut costs directly.

2.  Hotter Months Are the Slower Months

If your conference is nearing the summer, expect that AV companies in Baton Rouge or New Orleans are feeling the heat, too.  Sure, New Orleans is a destination city but companies are also aware that the southern heat and humidity make for a sticky stay i the Crescent City if one is not wise on date selection.  If you have a conference in the hotter months, your ability to negotiate the costs just got better.

3.  Ask for a 2-Day Week Rental

Especially during the off-season, AV companies are capable of wheeling and dealing their stock.  Asking for a price reduction per item will get you no where really fast.  AV companies are likely to see you as more of a pain than a customer.  Instead, if you have a 3 or 4 day conference, ask for a 2-day rental of the items you need.  You are far more likely to get the AV company to respond.

4.  Give Them A Total to Shoot For

You sent out your RFP, did your homework to know the company owns its equipment and now you have their bid.  The bid comes in at $30,000.  Call back and cut 10% off the bill.  Let the AV company know that you only have $25,000 bugeted.  Offer to meet them in the middle at $27,000.  All they can say is "No."  More that 70% of the time, your sales rep will go to the big boss and get approval on the price cut and you saved $3,000 - all you did was ask.  Generally, companies who own their own equipment are far more likely to make this adjustment than third-party booking agencies.

6.  Keep it Local

When working with any business, local ownership counts!  Local mom & pop companies will turn cartwheels to insure a good review or repeat business.  Try to keep your business local when possible.  Not only do you get better pricing, you quite literally get the red carpet treatment without having to have huge budgets!