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How to Save Money on Audio Visual Rentals

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Audio  Visual Rentals that Don't Break the Bank

Small Meeting AV Rental

The audio visual budget on a corporate event is a hefty part of your budget.  One of the better ways to control the expense is to arm yourself with knowledge and dial back on what type of equipment rentals you choose.

Projector and Screen Rental for Small Meetings

On breakout rooms where 30 or fewer attendees are present, consider using 8' tripod screens with no skirting.  Unless the av production company will give you the skirting free, it's just window dressing anyway and doesn't add to the information you wish to disseminate. 

On smaller breakout rooms, go for the 4:3 resolution projectors.  They are older, less used and have already paid for themselves to the av rental company which means you can get them dirt cheap.  They can be configured to accomodate 16:9 resolutions which means you are saving a bundle.  Negotiating price on these items is ridiculously easy.

Rent Powered Speakers and Wired Microphones

Use a powered speaker and a wired microphone in small meeting rooms.  Powered speakers require no attending av technician and are easily controlled for volume right on the speaker by the presenter.  The cost of wireless microphones is generally five times higher and a single powered speaker will handle presenter volume easily.

Save Thousands on AV Rentals

If you have ten small breakout rooms using this method, generally, you will save $400 per room or $4,000 total to be spent on your general session or larger breakout rooms that require a higher-end audiovisual rental.