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2019 New Orleans Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest is the best but if you are not a veteran, you may want to take a few notes on how to experience jazz fest with no hassle.  Believe me, a little preparation goes a long way!

Download the Schedule

There are multiple stages at Jazz Fest.  You simply cannot be in two places at once.  It's best to download the lineup, pick your bands then make decisions.  Jazz fest happens over two weekends:  The weekend ending April and the weekend beginning May.  Once you pick your bands, check the times and create a schedule.

Parking Nightmare

Do not drive to Jazz Fest.  Plan ahead.  It's better to find a taxi or Uber to take you to your destination.  For out-of-towners driving into the city, consider parking in a mall or Wal-mart parking lot, then catching the city bus or your predetermined ride.  Parking at Jazz fest is a nightmare - simply figure out something else.

Packing to Go

Large backpacks or hard coolers are forbidden.  Getting through security requires you think out the box.  Large tarps and blankets are a no-no.  Backpacks can't be larger than 12 x 17 inches; blankets or tarps can't be bigger than 6 x 8 feet.  Finding some shade requires an umbrella or some creative way of shading without obstructing the view of others since many of the bands have standing room only.  Umbrella chairs are fine.  Some umbrella chairs have clip on or permanently attached canopy covers.

Aside from creative shade, pack some water or remember to stay hydrated.  This is an all day event.  Plan for it.  Don't forget sun screen!

Crawfish Bread!

Veteran Jazz Fest goers are quite familiar with the long lines for jazz fest crawfish bread.  If you can hang in there, stand in line fro this tasty morsel!  Jazz Fest not only has the ever-popular crawfish bread but many, many New Orleans festival foods so come hungry.

Leaving the Fairgrounds

If you plan on calling a Taxi or Uber to leave, remember they must navigate to the Fairgrounds which could be a traffic nightmare.  Perhaps a prearranged time and place for pick up would work better than something last minute.

Have   Fun!



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