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No 18-Wheelers in the French Quarter

Of course, we hail from New Orleans and so we already know all 18-wheeler traffic is off limits to the French Quarter.  The streets are far too small to make a left or right turn without taking out a building.  Yesterday, we were handling labor for a company out of another state.  Evidently, the out-of-state company had no clue about the 18-wheeler law and got a huge fine with an escort out of the Quarter.  Ouch!  Bummer.

I suppose that fine is proof enough that if you plan on hosting an event in a destination city, it helps to speak to the locals about customs and ordinance information lest you find yourself in a similar pickle.  Having been in the audio visual industry for over 30 years, and having traveled extensively for our clients, we have local labor talent in all the destination cities.  We rely on our contractors for their professionalism and skills, and moreover, for their expertise in handling our equipment.

If you are looking for labor crews in destination cities, give us a shout.  We have labor in the following areas:

New Orleans (home)
San Antonio
Santa Fe
El Paso
Las Vegas
Los Angeles

We have other cities where we have contracted av labor but the above cities are where we have the most.  Please contact us even if your destination city is not listed.



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