AV Gumbo

New Orleans is a great destination city! The hospitality is unsurpassed, culinary among the best in the world, and who could argue that New Orleans is one seriously partying town.  For a meeting planner, navigating New Orleans is especially tough if you are not familiar with the French Quarter's narrow streets and the city code for so much that governs deliveries, parking, loading zones, etc.  It requires vendors who are not only familiar but networked and a part of the city. 

Power On Productions an excellent choice as an audiovisual partner for your event, be sure to ask to help simplify navigation for almost any service you require.   Established in 2014, our owner, Sean Howlett has over 25 years in the audiovisual production business and has a huge established network of talent across the United States.

Why hire us:

1.  We carry our own audio-visual inventory.

We own most of the inventory that is considered standard for corporate functions.  We carry industry brand names like JBL, Behringer, Yamaha, Shure, Panasonic, and more.  We carry staging, pipe, and drape, and other set pieces.  Whether you require a two-camera shoot, screen rental, projectors, or sound, Power On Productions has a wide array from which to choose.  Our equipment is up-to-date and we maintain it in good condition so your event is flawless.

2.  We are on time and on budget!

We know budgets are sometimes tight.  As a locally-owned company, we have to work harder to compete with the large national companies.  For us, it means being professional, on time, and on budget.  We have noticed that because we are not as big as the "big boys," we also have better pricing and are not so etched in stone that we can't negotiate.

3. We know the marketplace.

We know the venues!  PERIOD.  Knowing whether or not a property built in the 1700s will allow for a stick of 8' truss in the elevator is a crucial piece of information.  There are many things that must be considered in a historical place like the French Quarter.  I once actually saw an outside company try to drive an 18-wheeler into the French Quarter to deliver AV equipment.  After a few tickets and a couple of conversations with the police, the vendor and the meeting planner were scrambling to figure out how quickly they could rent a smaller box truck to deliver the equipment into shifts. (Of course, we stepped in to help the poor out-of-towners but it cost them pretty good in fines and they lost a lot of setup time).

On another note, Power On Productions has local av technicians in San Antonio, Dallas, and Orlando.  We also travel with our clients to other cities which makes production much more cost-effective and because we are so reliable, it also makes our meeting planners' jobs much easier.

4.  Insured

Because we have our own equipment, travel extensively with our equipment, and warehouse our own equipment, it makes sense that we are heavily insured.  We also carry the proper insurances required by better venues and conference centers. 

Doing business in most cities is a walk in the park but handling an event in New Orleans or any historical city does present challenges.  Plan your meeting or event with a reliable, professional av partner like Power On Productions.

5.  We give references

We see that many AV rental companies will have large galleries of photos but are very stingy with the contact information for references.  We ask every client for permission to use them as a reference.  Very few times are clients unable to allow it.  We are proud of our work.  We let our customers speak on our behalf.  We get reviews on Google and Facebook.