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Effects of Covid19 on Audiovisual Companies

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     Audiovisual rental companies book corporate functions, concerts, and large events months in advance. By the time of the Covid19 shut down in March 2020, bookings ran into December. In a single day, Covid19 is responsible for silencing the entire event industry.


Now that the vaccine is present, what can the audiovisual industry expect?  

     Life will not get back to normal for a considerable amount of time since immunizing the population will require months. Take this time to reach out to event planners by letting them know you are here and still available.

In the beginning, expect audio rentals for primarily outdoor events. Speaker jackets and gear unaffected by weather should be an integral part of marketing. Let local event planners know you provide all-weather equipment. Expect to present a list and try to include package pricing.  


Create a new regulation policy on equipment cleaning.

     Take some time to review the recommendations of the CDC regarding events. Take some time to write rules and regulations for your staff so that they know what you expect.  

Ensure everyone's safety by cleaning microphones, touch screens, keyboards, and any surface that may come into contact with multiple people. There are several antimicrobial microphone cleaning kits on the market. Many are on Amazon.

     As part of the equipment kit, include a box of masks for staffers. Encourage the staff to change their masks at least twice within an 8-hour shift. Remember to include several sizes of surgical gloves as a part of your kit.


Communicate to local event planners

     Contact your old customer base and local event planners. Let them know you have strategies in place. Spend time finding out about obstacles they face and offer your collaboration toward a solution. It is critical that everyone communicates to ensure maximum safety and flawless events.