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Parking Lot Church Service

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Pastors are doing their best to maintain the strength of their churches and shepherding their flocks through some innovative ways.

Parking Lot Church Service

Where they are able, churches are utilizing their parking lots and calling on audio visual companies like Power On Productions to come to their aid.  Equipped with hospital grade disinfectant, AV companies are maintaining social distancing for their local churches with stages and PA systems to bring congregations together without jeopardizing others with parking lot services springing up in parking lots of the church or vacant parking lots suitable to maintain distances car-to-car.

Live Webcasts

Live church service utilizing webcasts are also made available through local audiovisual companies.  Live streams with music and sermons are uplifting congregations throughout the US.  People are coming together to worship and pray despite the covid-19 stay home orders. 

"It's lovely," said one church member.  "My granddaughter set up my television for the internet and I was able to see my pastor and hear his sermon."

If your church lacks the technology,  contact your local audio visual production company for help.  These companies are trying to keep their employees working and are willing to help for pennies of what they normally make just to keep their employees working.