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If you could do a Google search and discover the New Orleans audio visual company you needed to produce your event was based in Orlando, they owned nothing but they knew a couple AV vendors in New Orleans they hadn't vetted, how good would you feel about them?  Yes, I understand.

Check the Web for Local Vendors

Often times words like, "New Orleans based" or "In San Antonio for 20 years" are good indications of pride - something only local owners generally tout.  Be on the look out for words that actually claim the destination city.

Local Vendors Know Local Rules

All cities have local ordinances and rules.  New Orleans has more than most since the French Quarter is the hot spot and the streets are far too small to navigate with larger trucks.  Local vendors know how to navigate all the red tape and generally know someone at City Hall who can help when things get hairy.

Sales Warehousing Companies Hire Local Vendors

It's no secret that these warehousing companies hire staff to "sell" you on their brand but have no actual equipment, know little about your venue, the rules of engagement in the city, etc.  They hire people like us.  We quote them instead of you and of course they don't work for free.  Many of them get upwards of 50% off the rentals while you pay retail.  Local vendors want to hear from you.  They'll cut deals because the marketplace dictates that the best numbers get the job. 


A convention came to town.  They hired local labor crews from us but brought in their regular equipment rentals from California.  The driver, not knowing New Orleans, drove an 18-wheeler into the narrow streets of the French Quarter and tried to make a 90 degree right turn.  You won't believe the fines the company got for that little bit of idiocy.  It took two hours to get the truck out of the Quarter and the traffic that got stuck behind the truck had much to say to make their lives difficult. 

Give us a call for all your New Orleans events.  We have cargo vans we pull with pick up trucks in the French Quarter! LOL And we own our own equipment.  Nobody minds jumping through a few hoops to keep within your budget.  Welcome to New Orleans!




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